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#cineFOCUS: Interview with Iranian director Abdolreza Kahani through “Delighted” (2016)


Poster of “Delighted” (2016)

Some weeks ago I had the pleasure to watch “Delighted” [in Parsi, German sub] and personally meet director Abdolreza Kahani.

He comes from Nishapur, Iran and lives now in Paris, France. This interview follows our meeting in Karlsruhe, Germany and integrates my personal view of the movie. It follows 10 main topics.

[below: original Parsi text]

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Varieté (Dupont, 1925) – Silence makes sound [Karlsruhe Silent Film Festival 3/3]

Scene of Varieté (1925) by Dupont and ensemble Capella Obscura

The 16th edition of the Karlsruhe Silent Film Festival finished a couple of days ago, on the 18th of March: precisely the day before the anniversary of cinema itself. In 1985, indeed, the Lumière Brothers were recording the so-called “first movie of cinema history”. Silent, of course. And here we are, more than one century afterwards, still celebrating those incredible first 20 years of silent cinema. “Silent”, at least if we consider recorded sound, since sound was actually always present, especially concerning voices, noises and live music. This time the music accompaniment has been handled by the ensemble Capella Obscura , directed by the musician and composer Cornelia Brugger and including about 20 musicians.
Behind them, in front of the audience, Dupont’s masterpiece Varieté.

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